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Insure Seniors Club

Member Benefits and Services

24/7 Marketing

Your Senior Team platform is a marketing platform that generates business for its members 24/7. It presents you and your services to the senior market using content you provide and collects the activity around it. It constantly serves your information and connects you directly to qualified prospects at their request.


Club Members receive referrals based on the requests of the consumer and are offered to you via your email and password protected Club Dashboard. Referrals you accept are provided with the prospect's personal profile, requests, and direct contact information.

Proferrals TM

Members can access other professionals through the Dashboard to refer clients. Called Proferrals, it sets you up to be reciprocated and work with teams for the benefit of seniors and their families. Collaborating results for better planning, solutions, and more business.


The technology is constantly mining and collecting data from the market and makes it available to members in the form of reports and analytics.
Information gathered is parsed by filters you select in the Dashboard to give you actionable insights about the senior market.

Your Senior Team
No risk and all reward

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Welcoming insurance professionals who are licensed and certified in
Medicare, Healthcare, Supplementals, Life, Long-Term-Care, Disability,
Property and Liability Insurance

As a Charter Member of the Insure Seniors Club, you receive legacy status in the platform.

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Unlimited Marketing And Sales Dashboards

24/7 Support

A Company Membership can include the entire sales and marketing staff. Each sales and marketing rep has a password-protected Dashboard under the Company account.

Company Oversight

The Company has a Master Dashboard to oversee all its sales content, activity and data from one or all of its staff's efforts.

Growing Your Business

The Dashboard enables the management of content, activity, referrals, notifications, and updates. It tracks activity to facilitate sales, and reciprocal referrals.

Dedicated To Sales

The Dashboard empowers each of your sales staff to manage their territory, make direct contacts with new business and other professionals in the senior market.

Dashboard Media

The Dashboard offers members access to blogs, forums, bulletin boards, published reports, articles, white papers, podcasts, and to instant message within the platform.

Secured Transactions

The Dashboard is private and secured by your password. All transactions are only for the parties involved. Any use of data is generic for the sake of offering analytic and market reports.

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Insure Seniors Club Members  

Jonas Blue

Jamey Littleton

V.P. Sales, Brockton & Schwartz, Inc.

When I heard about being able to reach seniors for my Medicare business, I jumped on it and became a Charter Member. I love what I’ve seen so far, and the contacts I’ve made.

Jonas Blue

Peter Samprera

Agent, Met Life

My Life insurance business offers plans for seniors and Your Senior Team platform opens up my ability to reach the market. Not only can I present my business to the public but also to Elder Law Lawyers, Senior Real Estate Specialists, and Investment Advisors.

Jonas Blue

Lydia McAbee

CMA, Sole Proprietor

As a small business joining IS Club is the perfect platform for my success. I have the same regulation costs as the big companies, so being able to sign up as a Charter Member and be marketed, and have such hands-on access is amazing. It’s going to be huge.

Jonas Blue

Jason Gerbrand

V.P. Sales – New York Life

When I heard about IS Club, and saw how IS Finder looked and worked, I knew it was a no-brainer to participate. There aren’t many new ways to market Long Term Care insurance and reaching the market can get pretty costly. Your Senior Team offers an enormously dynamic and efficient way.


Insure Seniors Club

The Insure Seniors Club connects the senior market of qualified insurance professionals and makes them part of the Your Senior Team platform.

It offers greater access, and marketing services for its members competing in the ecosystem and qualifies referrals coming from consumers and professionals.